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Great Christmas show. However, I wanted to say, that the name of the disco group is Salsoul Orchestra, Not Salsoul Family Orchestra. I had it on... » More

On FOF #666 – More Holiday Music

Hey guys, great show. I get to see Jerry Springer every day. He comes into Starbucks for coffee in the morning. » More

On FOF #665 – Freaking Jerry Springer

Fasuto and Marc, that was one of the funniest shows. I nearly drove off the road on my bike this afternoon, from laughing so hard. Much... » More

On FOF #643 – Move Over

That was an awesome video. Thanks Rick to shooting so well. Marc, Fausto, and Amanda look great!!! Sorry I missed all the fun. There’s always next... » More

On SHOW #15 – Halloween Montage

Hilarious show everyone. The song at the beginning was awesome!!! All of you did an amazing job. Thanks again. Much love. » More

On FOF #630 – Live From Akbar!