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VIDEO: Ashley Judd and Friends on Santorum’s Aborted Campaign

Ashley Judd and a few other actresses council Rick Santorum on his effrots to abort or terminate his campaign.  His supporters a “living and breathing” beings who had faith that he would “carry the campaign […]

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World’s Oldest Portrait of a Transvestite

Huffington Post has an interesting article about Charles D’Eon, the namesake fo the term eonism.  It was only recently discovered that the portrait was of D’Eon, but his sotry is obviously well-known to have his […]

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Nude Women Are Crazy, but Nude Men Are Criminal? This guy (see link above) got arrested for stripping because teh TSA was apparently harassing him in the uniquely TSA way.  But this woman (see link below) who got naked for NO FUCKING REASON […]

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VIDEO: Professor Sprout is a Slutty Lesbian! Yeah!

“If you’ll follow me to my college, then I’ll suck you off.”  That’s a quote.  This interview is hilarious, and I had no idea that Sprout is a lesbian.  Also, she flashes her ass and/or […]

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VIDEO: Anderson Cooper Gets Uncontrollable Giggles

I love it when Anderson Cooper presents his Ridiculist because so many of the stories give him an uncontrollable case of teh giggles, and these giggles are epic!  LMAO!!  He giggles like a little girl.

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VIDEO: Firefighters Save 22 Puppies

video platform video management video solutions video player Katie Couric did a story about some New Jersey firefighters who saved 22 puppies.  Incidentally, firefighters have become infinitely more fuckable.  Who doesn’t love a big hot […]

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VIDEO: Stunning Equality Adds From Argentina

The Observatory for the Promotion of Sexual Diversity Rights in Salta has released a series of adds to promote equality.  They made them with grants they got from the United Nations.  These adds put in […]

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The Best Welcom a Pope Ever Got

The Pope just arrived in Mexico, and this sign was how the lgbt decided to welcome the Pope to Mexico.  Personally, I think he liked it. via

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Silly Str8s.

This comic strip that I found on (GREAT NAME!) details the stark differences between the heterosexual lifestyle and normalcy (the gays.)  Cute comic. (Can’t get the image to upload.)

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VIDEO: X-Rated Sesame Street.

Cookie Monster is giving it to Tickle Me Elmo in the toybox.  The person who posted the video claims the dolls ended up in this position by accident while cleaning up.  I doubt it, but […]

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