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LoveBScott Suspended?!?!?

Anyone else getting an account suspended notice from lovebscott on youtube?

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Anna Conda for Supervisor District 6 in San Francisco

Did everyone see that Anna Conda is running for Supervisor District 6 in SF? She has my vote. I hope she does it all in drag! She is an amazing person.

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I just love videos like this. It is just so touching and empowering. And such a change from the December Kiss-in. Yeah! » More

On Video: Paris Kiss-in, International Day Against Homophobia

That’s pretty rough. I see where they are coming from but blaming the poz guy (who probably didn’t know he was poz) is just dumb. We... » More

On “He’s the One” Campaign Is Bait and Switch

I have to agree with Curtis on this. I just don’t see it. Any story will always share a link with history and it’s easy to... » More

On Latinas Are the New Extraterrestials

Pretty amazing. good job. » More

On Gingerbread Video 2009! Chateau Vaux Le Vicomte

Where is the hair? seems pointless. I’d slide right off. » More

On Levi Johnston’s Naked Photos FINALLY Up on Playgirl [NSFW]