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I saw this yesterday and contemplated getting it because I eat out a lot, but I can’t see it being very accurate… » More

On MealSnap App Calculates Calories from Photo of Food

I love Bioware. They make me proud to be a gamer (and a gaymer). I like this quote from the post: “And the person who says... » More

On Bioware Tells Gamers To ”Get Over” Their Straight Male Privilege

Being Human is so good! The vampire is so sexy, too, but he’ll never be sexier than Damien and Stefan 🙂 » More

On FOF #1341 – Lady Gaga Lawsuits

You were thanking your fans around the world. I just wanted to say Thank You for the hours of entertainment from a Canadian fan in South... » More

On FOF #1329 – Born This Way

wow.. Bollywood sure does have some hunks. » More

On FOF #1316 – Oprah’s Favorite Gay Prince