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hey guys! thought you might find this link interesting 🙂 keeping with the 2girls1cup theme p.s- really loved the video 😀 » More

On Jim Pickett’s Reaction to Two Girls, One Cup

really awesome show guys! <33 » More

On FOF #714 – I Love My Divas, But I Don’t Have Any Friends

So when I first listend to the show it was interesting in a disturbing way, and Shirley seemed calm and peaceful most of the time.... » More

On FOF #690 – Shirley Phelps: An Unlikely Champion

YAY!!!!! all that voting paid off!!! so happy for you guys 😀 » More

On We Won!

great show guys! im australia my generation tends to say “defs” alot, as a slang for deffinately :] would they ban me from catholic school because my last... » More

On FOF #567 – Snickers Nixon