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Don’t Stop Believin’ – on the Harp!

Check out this cute guy playing “Don’t Stop Believin’” by Journey/Glee on the harp.  Pretty incredible!  He does a lot of unconventional covers, from Iron Maiden to Cyndi Lauper.  Nice!!!!

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ToneMatrix – Fun and Innovative Music Synthesizer

I was just browsing around the internets and came across this really clever and innovative synthesizer tool that captivated me called “ToneMatrix.”   By clicking on squares on the 16-step matrix, you create a “song” […]

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Deep Brewed Flavah: You’re Gonna LOVE IT! [VIDEO]

Legendary actress Lauren Bacall did a series of commercials in the 1980s for the short-lived freeze-dried coffee, “High Point,” that were campy and fabulous, just because Bacall was the pitchwoman.  Probably the most memorable one […]

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Jim Carrey’s Wild and Tweet-Y Website

Check out Jim Carrey’s wild and “Tweet”-y website.  It’s creepy and fabulous and insane… and there’s a bird with Jim’s head on it that spouts out his Twitter tweets.  Never seen anything quite like this […]

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Chicago Gay Men’s Chorus Presents ”Lipstick & Lyrics” Friday November 6th

Members of The Chicago Gay Men’s Chorus (CGMC) will BRING IT ON and haul out their highest drag to take to the stage at Hydrate Chicago on Friday, November 6, 2009 to perform in CGMC’s […]

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Donna Mills: The Eyes Have It

Soap stars in the 1980s seemed to be much more glamorous and fabulous than the stars of today. With shows like “Dynasty” and “Knots Landing” on the air, there was no shortage of big hair, […]

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Ken Touched This

Nick a/k/a VocalJazzFan just sent me this adorable video starring Ken, of Ken & Barbie fame, Billy and MC Hammer. It is a clever send-up of MC Hammer’s “Can’t Touch This” that was created for […]

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Ding-Dong! Avon Calling!

Children of the 70s like me remember some pretty interesting things. One of those things was my mom meeting with her Avon representative, trying out the latest lipsticks and perfumes. In our household, our Avon […]

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Leningrad Cowboys: Sweet Home Alabama

Holy mother of the Kremlin! These cowboys are rasslin’ up some good times with bigger hairdos than Amy Winehouse. The Leningrad Cowboys is a Finnish rock and roll band formed in the 80s when the […]

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