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As always, a great show guys. Thanks for the recap of the march and your, as always, insightful (and hilarious) commentary. It was wonderful to take... » More

On FOF #1073 – Equality Marches On

You brought a huge smile to my face (and almost caused me to fall off of the treadmill) as I heard your reading my comment to... » More

On FOF #671 – Follow up on Freakiness

As a father of two little girls, I was truly blown away by the reading of these two poets. Alix’s haunting first reading ending in “what... » More

On FOF #654 – Word Warriors

GWC gay … I almost burst out laughing in a crowded hallway at work. Thanks for another great show. I’m finally caught up. I just downloaded... » More

On FOF #561 – Mr. Gay

Miss Ronnie … I loved you at the Starlight Lounge and now I love you on YouTube. You’ve got it, baby. And you know what ‘it’... » More

On KIR #5 – San Francisco Treat (PARTS 1- 4) – 07/04/07