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I forgot to mention earlier: Fausto – sing all you want. Sing to your heart’s content! Ignore the naysayers! LOL » More

On FOF #1958 – The Healing Power of Music

Second only to the Sochi Olympics episode, this is my favorite episode from a humor point of view. This is another one I keep on my... » More

On FOF #1919 – Smoking in the Boys Room

Hands down, this has to be one of my favorite Feast of Fun Podcast. I leave it on my iPhone in the Downcast app and I... » More

On FOF #1931 – Sochi Olympics Disaster

Johnny Scruff seems like the nicest most down to earth person in the world. This episode was a very good interview with Johnny. I was already... » More

On FOF #1955 – The Man Who Created Scruff

Fausto – Thank you for reading my comment about the Cockocracy episode. I feel now like a real “HE” lebrity – something I wrote was actually... » More

On FOF #1957 – Is It Too Late to RuPologize?