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definitely cute! but, i’ve always had a rule of thumb, if the guys arms are bigger than his legs… it’s out of proportion. …too much... » More

On Insanely Hot: Bodybuilder Kevin Perod [PHOTOS]

okay, so, popular opinion isn’t always the best. lady gaga isnt very original. however, it doesnt really seem warranted to criticize unless the “original” artists start... » More

On PHOTOS: Lady Plagarism – in Defense of Grace Jones

yes, i think it is cynical to say he came out for money. he’s filthy rich and has two beautiful boys. not gonna lie though,... » More

On Ricky Martin Offered 20 Million Dollars for His Coming Out Story and Rights for a Film

interesting, how does she bop reference gay porn? » More

On FOF #1164 – Ricky Martin and Cristal Connors Come Out