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VIDEO: Two Rednecks, One Guitar, and Lady Gaga

It’s as if the movie Ghost was made with two rednecks, and instead of a pottery wheel, they had a guitar.

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VIDEO: Paula Deen Attacks Burger with Friend in Slow Motion

As seen on the “Around the Net” segment on G4’s Attack of the Show and in the grand style of the Olsen Twins’ slow motion “Pizza” video, I present to you…Paula Deen. You’re welcome.

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VIDEO: Nineteen Year Old Princess of Soul, Selah Sue

When a nineteen year old Belgian white girl can flow like this, no one is safe. Watch and enjoy.

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VIDEO: Steve Duncan Explores Abandoned NYC Subways in ‘Undercity’

In his new documentary, Steve Duncan goes where few have seen, all without permission. You hear stories all the time of people going into the abandoned tunnels and stations of a metropolitabway system. Duncan even […]

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VIDEO: Polaroids are back, Thanks Lady Gaga!

What is more retro than a Polaroid camera? Aside from everything owned by a hipster, not much. Thanks to Lady Gaga, this year at CES2010 (Consumer Electronics Show) Polaroids are back with a new line called Grey […]

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VIDEO: Human Centipede Anonymous

Human Centipede Anonymous from Jon Daly Today, as we are all parading the streets tricking and/or treating, remember there is help out there for those of you grappling with your past….

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‘Glee’ Inspired Campaign Ad

With only a few weeks left before election day, we’ve all been bombarded by campaign advertisements. This year’s theme:  attack the other guy with fervor, your own ideas are secondary. Pat Quinn, incumbent gubernatorial candidate […]

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RIP Greg Giraldo

 Comedy lost one of its finest today. For those of you who don’t know, Greg Giraldo was a regular roaster. Here is a clip from The Roast of Larry the Cable Guy. RIP Greg […]

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VIDEO: Banned Katy Perry Skit From Sesame Street

Parents deemed Katy Perry’s dress too racy, so Sesame Street pulled her skit. What do you think? Did Katy’s dress belong only on the corner of Sesame Street? Elmo didn’t seem to mind.

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Johnson & Johnson Anti-Pornography Advertisement

“What are your kids watching?” Johnson & Johnson’s anti-pornography campaign is raising some eyebrows!  Plus some camel toes for that matter! Let’s treat this like one of those magic eye illusions or a rorschach test. […]

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On VIDEO: Steve Duncan Explores Abandoned NYC Subways in ‘Undercity’