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17 Year Old Teen Terrel Williams Found Hung in His Suburban Home

Ah, what gets worse than hearing about a teen who for the ninth recorded time this month has hung himself, shot himself, or in some dangerous nature taken his life to escape the bullying in […]

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Daric Rawr on the record, friends, fame, why he feels destroyed

“Growing up as a child, i never knew the truth about my past. Today i’ve become a powerful voice in the United States LGBT community, but have no idea how that came about. I’m lost […]

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Judging Popstars: Lady Gaga or Beyonce?

So, the video music awards were the other night, and let’s just say people are still talking about Lady Gaga’s meat dress, how interesting was that? Lady Gaga is as big as Beyonce, Beyonce is […]

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Friend Says ”This Song Destroyed” This Singers Life

Brittany Allen , close friend of Iconic author, Daric Rawr came forward today via yahoo revealing why her friend, may be lost, sunken into sadness, and letting his life spiral out of control. “Daric is […]

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First time: Daric Rawr discusses the inspiration, behind his itunes #1 Hit ”Tonight”

The now D-List teen, has faced alot of media coverage lately, some bad, some good, and some just down right terrible. But for the first time ever, he’s given the exclusive dish, on the inspiration […]

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Daric Rawr goes candid saying ”I feel used” after breaking up with Vegas boyfriend Jonathan Jefferson

Everyones favorite superstar writer, “Had” what most call an estranged, “Heterosexual Boyfriend”. Jonathan Jefferson (20)ย  a Las Vegas native. According to Daric, the two finally split last night, after Jonathan reportedly being “Ashamed”, of having […]

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Justin visited his Miami beach performance a while back, and trashed his performance BIG time, in the media afterwards. Idk if the two are still friends,... » More