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I Want to Help You Eat HEALTHY!! Its 100% of Your Results!!

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VIDEO: Tuesday Tune-Up!! Legs- Destroy Those Quads!

You will love this workout!! Legs- Destroy Those Quads!

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VIDEO: Scott Herman’s Tips on Drinking and Fitness

Our favorite fitness expert and video blogging hunk Scott Herman talks about how alcohol makes your body struggle when you’re trying to lose weight.

Plus- some interesting ideas on how to monitor your drinking without putting on the extra pounds!

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The Official FULL Length “300 Spartan Workout” Featuring Scott Herman

SPARTANS!!! PREPARE FOR GLORY!! This is the same workout the actors did to get ready for their roles as Spartan’s in the movie 300 watch it and try it on your own! My goal is […]

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Marc, I have been filming in this studio for a year! lol 🙂 » More

On VIDEO: ARM-ageddon! Get HUGE ARMS For The Summer!

What do you mean? » More

On VIDEO: ARM-ageddon! Get HUGE ARMS For The Summer!

I thought the whole point of “fighting for equality” was to put an end to who cares who is gay or straight? » More

On VIDEO: This Video of Tim Tebow Says It All

That is what I like to hear boys!! 🙂 » More

On VIDEO: Bicep Blaster Workout 1

No matter how much you three hate me for being myself (hypocrites). I am still going to stick up for your rights. » More

On VIDEO: Hamstrings to Beefstrings- With a Bit of Calves on the Side!