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VIDEO: Rollie Eggmaster: The Latest in Egg Technology

Eggs, Babs! Edie would have loved to get this as a wedding present when she married the Egg Man in Pink Flamingos. And with the handy tube-like shape, you could then put them through the […]

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VIDEO: The First Ever Cat Cafe in England

First they took over the internet, now they’ve set their sights on our coffeeshops and tea parlors! Aspiring crazy cat ladies and childless gay men of London: if enough of you chip in, you can […]

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Genderqueer Menswear Shop Breaks New Ground in US

An idea whose time has come, past due even for San Francisco! Tomboy Tailors aims to provide well-cut suits and shoes to those wanting a stream-lined silhouette, regardless of any “lumps and bumps” one might […]

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VIDEO: Toe Interlacing Exercise for the Holidays

Season’s “feetings”, everyone! I gave my husband a Christmas-themed pedicure just for the sake of showing off his uniquely flexible toe tricks. Jealous? 😉 Not everyone has the toe length or strength to pull off […]

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”The Hobbit”: The View From ’the Middle of Middle-Earth’

Hobbit fever! No, it’s not just a hankering for short hairy guys with big feet. The long-awaited adaptation of J.R.R. Tolkien’s “The Hobbit” has hit theatres—-“At last!”, you might say, especially if you live in […]

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VIDEO: Body Paint: The Latest in Summer Fashion

The latest collaboration between Lulu’s Body Art and local model/photography talent: burlesque performer Lola Lipizzaner serves up Josephine Baker realness at Massey Memorial in Miramar. Photo & video courtesy of Sheldon Swears at Persona Photography […]

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The NZ Prime Minister and the Gay Red Top

No, it’s not a charming children’s book or a cheeky adult film, it’s the latest gaffe by New Zealand Prime Minister John Key. Key referred to an interviewer as wearing a “gay red top”, a […]

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Vote for Blake Skjellerup to Win a People’s Choice Scholarship!

The People’s Choice Scholarship is awarded to any New Zealander who applies with a statement of their goals and who gets enough votes to win. The gorgeous and talented speed skater Blake Skjellerup needs funding […]

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Faux De Luxe: Fiction Made Flesh

Combining the myth of Pygmalion and Galatea with the spirit of performance artists like Orlan, my friend Madeira has been inspired to recreate her body through plastic surgery, using as the basis an original cartoon […]

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VIDEO: Kevin Smith References Showgirls in Chasing Amy

Aaron and I are rewatching director Kevin Smith’s whole film catalogue, and just finished Chasing Amy, a film notable for its colourful gay and lesbian characters (though all the men seem to be closeted in […]

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It’s a still from The Stag, an Irish bachelor-party-comedy film that came out in 2013. I’m trying to hunt it down now! » More

On FOF #1951 – How to Bring Home a Drunk Irish Man on St. Patrick’s Day

Relevant to all things, then, is adorable pocket-gay Irish actor Andrew Scott (well-known as Moriarty on BBC’s Sherlock): » More

On FOF #1951 – How to Bring Home a Drunk Irish Man on St. Patrick’s Day

So the trick when you click the link is to either mute the audio on the “Brother Bear” side, so it’s Tom Goss’s song playing over... » More

On Tom Goss Meets Brother Bear

Tumblr is really the one-stop shop for all things gay!Loki: » More

On FOF #1896 – Thor: The Gay World

Love Ariel’s rainbow wig! And Chris sounds like such a nice kid, glad to see the winnings go to someone deserving 😀 » More

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