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Outed Gay Republican Makes Compelling Mea Culpa

You may recall that back in march of this year, California State Assemblyman Roy Ashburn, a Republican was pulled over for drunk driving leaving a gay bar in Sacramento.  Ashburn, who had a long history […]

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Wicked the Musical is Headed to the Big Screen

The smash Broadway hit musical Wicked, a Wizard of Oz prequel of sorts, based on the fantastic novel by Gregory McGuire is headed to the big screen!   The creative team behind the stage version are […]

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Court Declares DOMA Unconstitutional!

A Federal Judge in Boston has ruled that the Defense of Marriage Act or DOMA is unconstitutional!  Part of me wants to say, “well duh!”, but I wont look a gift horse (judge) int he […]

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Emmy Noms Out: What This TV Junkie Thinks of Them

It’s Emmy nomination time, and this year’s contenders are all shows I watch so I feel ike I have real opinions this time around, not just my favorites who have to compete against Ray Romano […]

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VIDEO: Dancing Twinks Alert! California Gays ..Um Gurls

Another cute remake of the Katy Perry video.  Really great editing.  These boys are twinkilicious.

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Castro Street Shootings Turn ”Pink Saturday” Red.

One of the most wonderful traditions of Pride Weekend in San Francisco is the “Pink Saturday” celebration on Castro Street on the Saturday night before Pride.  The streets are closed to traffic and revelers and […]

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Video: Madonna vs Lady Gaga Copycat Comparison

The Diva Battle Royale rages on.  The armies of slick oiled dancers are facing off across the hillsides ready to pelvic thrust the other side into oblivion.  Will our long time 4 star General of […]

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Video and Music! Scissor Sisters Go Country on Kylie Minogue Cover

The Scissor Sisters are ramping up the promotional appearances in advance of the release of their new album.  They appeared on the BBC and performed this country twang version of Kylie Minogue’s “All the Lovers”  […]

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Photos: World Premier of Drag Version of “Baby Jane”

Here are photos from Tuesday’s triumphant premier screening of Billy Clift’s directorial debut film “Baby Jane?,” a parody remake of the classic gay cult film “Whatever Happened to Baby Jane.” It stars Trannyshack impresario Heklina […]

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VIDEO: Golden Girls, Heklina, Baby Jane and Kevin Thomas All in One Video!

You may remember San Francisco hotel concierge Kevin Thomas from his appearances on the Feast of Fun in 2009.  I ran across this little interview he did with Feast Fun guest Heklina and the wonderful […]

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