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Movie Review: Toy Story 3

I want to work at Pixar.  Seriously there is some major genius flowing through the hallways of the animation studio and it would be a short commute.  If I could time travel and change anything […]

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Movie Review: 8 the Mormon Proposition

I had the pleasure of seeing the new documentary film 8: the Mormon Proposition at the Frameline Film Festival this past weekend.  Up front I should say that I am a former Mormon, and the […]

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VIDEO: Washington Boys vs California Gurls

Katie Perry’s latest isn’t as queer as the “I Kissed a Girl” lesbo action of her hit that made her famous, so a bevy of hot Washington State twinks made their own video. Sexy time!

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VIDEO: Lady Gaga Video Out Madonnas Madonna

Lady Gaga’s newest video hits the world today and Right Wing minds are going to explode!  The Steampunk version of Queen Elizabeth is awesome, but it’s the red crucifix vagina  cover that is really pushing […]

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Proposal: New Feast of Fun Fresh Page Theme Song

This delightful video of  Neile Adams from some forgotten 1950s film could be the theme song for the Fresh pages.  Sexy full of double entendre and fabulously campy “all your latest new from far and […]

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Shoe Whore Imelda Marcus Inspires Musical Genius: ”Here Lies Love”

Imelda Marcos is many things; wife of a dictator, a power hungry legend, celebrity collector and ravenous shoe craving fashionista, but musical muse?  Yes. David Byrne, the frontman of the legendary Talking heads and Fatboy […]

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A NSFW Peek Inside Steamworks Part 1:

Ever wonder what the inside of a bathhouse looks like?  We recently had a photo shoot at the Berkeley location of Steamworks with several porn stars and other hot models.  Check out part 1 of […]

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Ricky Martin Finally Admits He’s a Turd Burglar

I normally wouldn’t be so harsh in my headlines, but Ricky has flat out deined his homosexuality so many times when questioned very directly about it, that he needs a bit of a bitch slap […]

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Scandalous, Sexy, Near Nude! Photos From Steamworks Live Show.

It’s been a couple weeks but I finally got time to finish going through and editing the photos I took at the big Feast of Fun Live show at Steamworks Chicago.  What I found will […]

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Final Solution for Gays in Utah, or is It?

I have to hand it to whoever came up with this one, becasue kids it is fucking brilliant! Some enterprising and creative activists in Utah have turned the bright lights of poltical theater on how […]

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