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Madonna Cheroake With Nadya Ginsburg

How much do you want to go to this?  I wish I lived in LA.  Nadya gives great Cher and Great Madonna.   Plus there’s a good chance her gal pals like Jackie Beat or Selena […]

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Gaga’s Latest Fashion Win

From the Brit Awards in London.  This is a winning look for Lady Gaga.  I love the towering Roccoco hair and that guitar/keyboard hibrid is amazing.  Fashion experts reviewing all the red carpet looks named […]

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The Ultimate Concert for Four in Your Living Room

I would have completely lost my shit. Mastercard and the Brit Awards (British Grammies) had a contest called “My Priceless Gig” where the winner would have an in-home concert by an surprise Artist.   This could […]

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Curtis’ View From the Back Row: Percy Jackson & the Olympians, the Lightning Thief

Hollywood is trying again.  Every studio wants a new teen focused franchise and the latest attempt is “Percy Jackson and the Olympians: The Lightening Thief” a trifle of a fantasy epic full of the paint […]

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Lt Dan Choi Returned to Active Duty! [Correction]

I tlooks like Lt Dan Choi, the outspoken critic of Don’t Ask Don’t tell who was being (or was) discharged last year under the policy by the Obama lead Army has been called back to […]

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That’s What Megan Mullally Said. Can We Forgive Her for the Margarine Thing Now?

Megan has taken a lot of shit lately for taking a job as a spokes-dancer for “I can’t Believe it’s not Butter, But it is a Potentially Cancer Causing Laboratory Created Fat Substitute” in her […]

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An Ipads True Purpose, Pee Wee Style

Pee Wee is back, and he’s got connections.  He’s managed to get the first iPad in Puppetland and he’s invited some friends over to the Playhouse to explore it’s awesome functions, and demonstrate how it […]

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Sexual Reassignment Surgery, is a 1 Year Old Too Young?

I’m all for us acknowledging that gernder identity can be an issue for teens and that they can know who they are at very young ages, but 1 year old!?  Tranny please. A father in […]

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Curtis’ View From the Back Row: Oscar Noms

I know, I haven’t been posting the last few weeks.  I got lazy.  What can I say?  But this mornings Oscar nominations woke me up and have me back on target. For the first time […]

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Ready, Set, Tranny ! I.O.C. Makes Ruling On ”Sex Ambiguity” at Olympics

Just in time for the 2010 Winter Games in Vancouver, the International Olympic Committee has taken on the issue of intersexed athletes.  Their determination?  That each case should be viewed individually and as a medical […]

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