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Madonna is a Grizzled Old Pop Star and Jesus Has a Shrivelled Dick

Disclaimer:  I love Madonna, I’m a fan, I respect her as a business woman and cultural provacatuer, I enjoy her music.  That said… OMG!  This photo of Madonna with her fresh out of the pool […]

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Gingerbread Video 2009! Chateau Vaux Le Vicomte

Here it is, after many hours of editing my 2009 gingerbread video is ready.  This year’s project: the Chateau Vaux le Vicomte.  Enjoy and Happy Holidays!

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Curtis’ View From the Back Row: Up in the Air

I’ll admit it right up front-  This was one of my most anticipated films of the year and not just because America’s best “movie star” actor, George Clooney, is working at the very top of […]

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Giant Cock Throws Berliners Into a Tizzy!

God knows I would get all riled up and excited too if I saw what is identified as a “six-meter long schlong”.  I’m a size queen, but even I have my limits! read all about […]

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TV Mom is Big Lesbo!

Meredith Baxter, most famous as the Mom from the 80’s hit TV show “Family Ties” and who played the older sister on one of my favorite 70’s dramas “Family” has  come out publicly as a […]

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Curtis’ View From the Back Row: Fantastic Mr. Fox

Wes Anderson is a director with a quirky world view.  When Rushmore debuted in 1996 with its quirky attitude on character, dialogue and story, it felt like a witty breath of fresh air.  But, with […]

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Curtis’ View From the Back Row: The Road

I really was feeling too happy after Thanksgiving.  I needed something to knock me down a peg or two, something to remind me of the relentless hopelessness of the Great Recession, the inert Health Care […]

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Hatecrimes Fiasco in Puerto Rico

As reported on towleroad, a young gay boy, George Steven Lopez Mercado has been brutally murdered, dismembered and decapitated.  His body was dumped on the side of a road. The police response includes a public […]

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Curtis’ View From the Back Row: 2012

I have to confess something right up front.  I’m a disaster film junkie. When I was a little boy back in the 1970’s during what I consider the golden age of the disaster film I […]

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