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Great Podcast! Too often debunking psychics gets ignored by uncritical reporting. It’s wrong to cheat people. Keep up the good work Susan Gerbic. » More

On FOF #2710 – The Great Psychic Drag Queen Hunter

Congratulations, guys on 2000! One especially memorable episode for me was your interview with Jason Stuart, an actor I had enjoyed seeing in movies. He seems to... » More

On FOF #2000 – 2000 A Podcast Odyssey

This was a great interview. Conner is always interesting. He is the perfect example of someone that articulates his opinions well and tells you why. You... » More

On FOF #1965 – Don’t Hate Me Cause I Make Sexy Movies

I feel that the Westburo Baptist Church gets more publicity than it deserves. Shirley’s reasoning about Anonymous, mentally ill assassins, and dead soldiers proving God’s Will... » More

On FOF #1335 – The Westboro Baptist Church vs Anonymous