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I’m sorry… I just can’t do it anymore – I have to skip shows with Melissa Young on. Her voice annoys the hell out... » More

On FOF #1222 – I’m Burning Up

I love this… Hysterical! My girlfriend just got us tix to see her in NYC this January for my birthday – can’t wait!! » More

On Lady Gaga Really is an Alien from Outer Space

Great show!! Thanks for the recap! I’m still a bit sad that I never found you guys amidst the sea of fabulousness. Atttending... » More

On FOF #1073 – Equality Marches On

Great show! I could listen to Reverend Straight speak for hours. What an incredibly kind, thoughtful and insightful man! He makes me want... » More

On FOF #882 – Rev. Straight Talks About Prop. 8