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Gay Media Without Feast of Fun? No Way!

I read this article on Huffington Post expecting to see some mention of FoF, but not a word…until I read the comments.  You tell ’em, Fausto.  🙂 Sean

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VIDEO: Hungarians Know Lychee

Peeled my first lychee with the help of Hungary’s top lychee comedian, tomasmagnumster! The best three minutes I spent all day. 🙂 Can someone translate?

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Hey guys…I’ve heard Tim Tebow in interviews and the lisp is not usually there. I’m guessing he bit his tongue or something during the game. ... » More

On VIDEO: This Video of Tim Tebow Says It All

In 2008 1 in 6 LGBT voters picked McCain. It looks like Chris is that one here. FOF posters are apparently a perfect representation... » More

On VIDEO: Sarah Palin Doesn’t Know What Paul Revere Did

Ever since elementary school I’ve remembered Paul Revere’s famous words, “Hey you British soldiers, you’re not gonna be taking away our arms!” I still get chills... » More

On VIDEO: Sarah Palin Doesn’t Know What Paul Revere Did
Reply Thanks for the post. After watching the video I did a search and saw that the AFA has been trying to boycott Home Depot for... » More

On Home Depot’s Board of Directors is in Favor of Supporting Gay Rights Equality Even in Teh Face of a Boycott!

I didn’t know they had iPhones in the 80’s. He needs to come out of the closet at least long enough to update his fashion... » More

On Bishop Eddie Long Settles Out of Court