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New IPhone Pics From Gizmodo Thanks to a Saucy Boozehound From Apple

Apple employee gets drunk at a bar and leaves the BRAND NEW PROTOTYPE iPhone.  Apple doesn’t believe the guy who found it.  Gizmodo got it, and then gave it back to Apple…. after some naughty […]

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Worst Time to Call 911

Thieves accidently “Butt-dial” 911 while robbing cars outside a strip club.

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It Has Been a Decade Without Madeline

I can’t believe that it has been a decade without the creative mastermind that is Madeline Kahn.  Her genius brought characters to life in such a way that they will be with us forever.  Rest […]

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Tom of Finland Music Video

Well, not really, but see for yourselves.  The guys look right out of those pages.

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After Being Stabbed a Man Calmly Orders Coffee

You can’t make things like this up!  A 52 year old man was stabbed after a robbery attempt called 911, went into a cafe with the knife sticking out of his chest and calmly ordered […]

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Kellan Lutz Gay Scandal and New CK Underwear Model

So Kellan Lutz got in trouble with his brother Randy staying over getting lonely and asking for a roomate via saying on Craigslist, “We are the Buffalo boys. We are looking for very athletic guys […]

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European Sex Museum… For Children

This popped up as a tweet, apparently there is a sex education museum somewhere in Europe.  I couldn’t make out the language, but it sounded something like Dutch or German.  All I can say is […]

Hershey Nipples?

I have these moments from time to time when I consider the proper naming of objects. I was looking at Hershey’s Kisses.  These don’t look like kisses, not even close.  Kisses look like lips, and […]

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Girls Can Now Pee Standing Up… Seriously.

As the yahoo e-mail’d picture says, yes girls can now pee standing up with this product.  I don’t know what to say, but I’m glad girls can now join in the fun of peeing in […]

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