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In One Person

John Irving’s latest book, In One Person, is a great look inside the mind of an adolescent coming to terms with his ambiguous sexuality.  I’ve always been a fan of Irving’s books, but this one […]

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Obama: Commander in Chief Must Support Gay Troops

Obama rebukes Republican rivals.

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Ricking: Yuck – ¡Qué asco!

I would never want to remove Santorum orally, but I would like to have him removed permanently. I’d like to SHOUT him out like the stain that he is, or make him VANISH, or wash […]

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2. Did you know? Did you know you might be cisgendered? It’s a newish term for the default state of the world’s population, those whose sense of gender identity matches their sex at birth. It […]

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Legal Beef: Sara Lee, Kraft Escalate Wiener War

Chicago hot dogs – Who’s got the winningest wiener?  Fausto (Sara Lee Fernós) or Marc (Kraft Filian)?

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Anecdote From La Paz, Bolivia

A few weeks ago I heard the Charlie Sheen joke on your show about how much cocaine he snorts, i.e. enough to kill Two & A Half Men.  My mother, a probation officer in Du […]

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