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You guys should totally post some old photos…. pre-podcast. Maybe from when you were kids too! hehe » More

On FOF #672 – Journey into Steamworks

I feel your pain for Mystery Science Theater 3000, Fausto! In fact, my screen name is often “Torgo Saves” ♥ » More

On FOF #647 – Echoes of Halloween

Little Shop of Horrors was always my favorite movie as a kid. Something about that plant is so Unusual! And, don’t make fun of Garrison Keillor!... » More

On FOF #639 – Let’s Hear it For the Boy

That was wierd… the first time I clicked on the play button… it was all sped up and sounded like chipmunks. But I closed out... » More

On FOF #630 – Live From Akbar!

うまい!!! ∧_∧ Surprisingly erotic… hmm neurotica erotica. Relieving and at 1:43 am (w/ 5 hours left to sleep) SUPERNATURAL » More

On Cake Sitting in San Francisco