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Love that song, it\’s from a movie called \”Palindromes\” it\’s called \”Aviva Pastoral\” by Nancy Larson. Its so serene and creepy at the same time,... » More

On Happy Easter

He is so fucking hawt. Mmm… You guys have to see his playgirl pics, his mini-patrick isn’t so mini. He’s got HUGE TALENTS,... » More

On FOF #697 – Super Phat Tuesday

I love Earnie’s voice. He has one of those Tay Zonday deceptive voices but without the creepy, a sexual, question dodging. 😉 » More

On FOF #688 – Gay Luck Club

I finally googled Pavel Novotny OMGAWD so hot! » More

On FOF #671 – Follow up on Freakiness

Loved him. I hardly ever listen to podcast more than twice but I have listened to this one almost twenty times. I know it’s December now... » More

On FOF #651 – Brett Curious