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The actor who played Buffalo Bill in Lambs is Ted Levine. He also was in Memoirs of a Geisha. » More

On FOFA #853 – Horror Movies Every Gay Man Must See

Joan poked a lot of fun at Barbra during her show the other night here in Pittsburgh. There was no mention of lesbian kisses, she just... » More

On FOF #784 – Mind the Gap

Today’s laughter-filled show is perfection! Alpana is a wonderful guest — you three have great chemistry. » More

On FOF #776 – Alpana’s Summer Wines

Awww wish I could go. Have fun! » More

On Pheast of Phools is Coming to Philadelphia!

Wow, Paczki sound gooooood. I made Portuguese donuts (called filhozes) on Saturday because my av » More

On FOF #697 – Super Phat Tuesday