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Loved your guest today boys!!!! Omg he was so fab! My Partner is Black and southern. This show so reminded me of him and his stories.... » More

On FOF #1055 – Sipping the Sweet Tea

Great show guys! It was so fun getting to interact with you guys, and everyone else. I had so much fun. I agree with Doug, Kanye... » More

On FOF #1054 – All Apologies

Fun show, loved the guest. He can read me the ingredients to my foods any day! Its funny that you all mentioned the pledge of allegiance... » More

On FOF #1050 – Step Right Up

Did anyone in prison know of your persona outside of prison? If so, how did you handle it? Where do you see yourself going from here? What have you... » More

On Ask Lady Vera Parker Anything

I love Debbie! great show guys!! I loved how she referenced herself for the younger listeners who dont know of her earlier work on screen and... » More

On FOF #1033 – Shine on Debbie Reynolds