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So Marc, next time a guy at the gym tries to figure out what song is playing, you need to get your iPhone out! Yes!! There is... » More

On FOF #798 – Big Secrets Revealed!

Thank You Steve!! And congrats again boys. » More

On Featured on the FRONT of the iTunes Music Store podcast directory!

YaaaY I’m the first to comment! It was so nice to go down memory lane with today’s show. I truly miss V-Mar. Such a fun gal!!... » More

On FOF #702 – The 702 Club

That’s quite alright Fausto, it was a sadder day today without my FoF show. But we all know you are doing your best to fix it... » More


I have been waiting all week for this show, and once again I have not been disapointed! He is a really fun kid, and he makes... » More

On FOF #681 – Project Christian