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This is a Mosquito Getting Killed by a Laser

You’re looking at a mosquito who got taken down mid-flight by a “Death Star” laser gun designed by Nathan Myhrvold. The malaria-carrying pest never saw it coming, but you can watch everything happen over and […]

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Robber Eats Note

Ohio police believe they have their man. But they fear their suspected bank robber may have eaten some of the evidence – the holdup note demanding cash – all while handcuffed and leaning over the […]

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Juggalo News [Warning NSFW, lots of cussing]

Ayyo, Insane Clown Posse be droppin’ the mad cable news flava Lots of swearing but I couldn’t stop laughing. (There making fun of them)

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Pediatricians Call for a Choke-Proof Hot Dog

Nutritionists have long warned of the perils of hot dogs: fat, sodium and preservatives to name a few.

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Sam Wagner and His Hot Prison Pals

46-year old Sam Wagner is a painter living in NYC. And just like a lot of us, he likes bad boys. In fact, he likes them so much he dedicates his days to running Hot […]

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Don’t Look in the Mirror

Never look in the mirror!!!! AAAGGHHHHH!!!!!! In honor of the talk about movies, always a great drinking game involving the old cliches.

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