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Save the Feast of Fun Podcast

When we first started doing the Feast of Fun podcast on February 8, 2005, there were about 50 shows listed on the first podcast directory. Most of them were called audio blogs, where sole voices […]

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Sauté you stay: Cooking with Drag Queens is saved!

It’s now official, Cooking with Drag Queens reached it’s funding goal, with 414 backers donating on the average about $60. From all the queens and us here at the home Feast of Fun studio, thank you.

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What should the categories be in the Fun Awards?

It’s time to pick your categories in the Fun Awards! Feast of Fun’s Awards for most fabulous and fierce people and things. Everything, including the categories, nominations & votes are chosen by you. Got any […]

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How to Listen to the Feast of Fun Plus Podcast from Your iPhone

People often write and ask how they can listen to the podcast directly from their iPhone without having to connect to a computer. Now, it’s easier than ever with the podcast app from the App […]

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Feast of Fun Live Podcast with Peaches Christ and Sharon Needles

Sharon Needles • Peaches Christ Marc Felion • Fausto Fernós After you died of laughter from “Silence of the Trans” join Fausto Fernós and Marc Felion for a live recording of the Feast of Fun […]

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Kickstarter: Better Half – The Story of Tony & Leo

Michelle Clay is working on a new film– Better Half, about a gay couple facing a problem in their relationship: “For years, Tony and Leo have been in a happy relationship. They’ve always talked about […]

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Feast of Fun Wins the People’s Choice Podcast Award for the Fifth Time

We’re thrilled to announce that Feast of Fun won the 2011 People’s Choice Podcast Award for “Best GLBT” podcast for the fifth time. Fausto and I can’t more grateful and this award is a testament […]

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Feast of Fun Nominated for the Top Prize in 2011 People’s Choice Podcast Awards

We’re thrilled that Feast of Fun is nominated in two categories in the 2011 People’s Choice Podcast Awards- in the “Best GLBT” category and the top prize of the “People’s Choice.” These awards are considered […]

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Get Your Feast of Fun Plus+ Membership Today

If you would like to listen to today’s show and all of our future premium content shows, please sign up for a Feast of Fun Plus+. You’ll be glad you did!

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FOF #1450 – Back to the Future

Today we’re taking Feast of Fun into a bold new future, as we announce Feast of Fun Plus+ our new premium content podcast and site, chock full of unique fabulous stuff you won’t find anywhere else.

What is Feast of Fun Plus+ exactly? And can I get my dessert in a to go container?

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