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In Russia, Santa Claus is always in drag.

Holy shit! Check out this fierce Russian Santa Claus from Siberia (The eastern part of Russia situated in Asia). He’s known there as Ded Moroz. In Russia, Santa Claus decides you’re naughty if you don’t […]

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IMAGE: All of 74 RuPaul’s Drag Race Contestants in One Image

Did we get it right? Although RuPaul tweeted there have been 75 contestants, since RuPaul’s Drag Race began there have been 74. Shangela competed twice in the series. I put a pink star above the […]

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PHOTOS: Peaches Christ and Rena Riffel at the Admiral Theater.

Over the weekend, San Francisco cult film icon Peaches Christ and actress Rena Riffel came together to perform a Showgirls tribute at The Admiral Theater, a strip club here in Chicago- it was like slutty Inception in a g-string and high heels. Here are some wicked photos from Friday’s show.

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PHOTOS: Amazing Thanksgiving Balloon Animals

My favorite kind of performance art is the kind that involved lots of balloons. Check out this amazing artist who every day on her blog makes a new balloon animal.

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Probably Not the Clearest Font to Use

I know a lot of people who could get this card. Hilarious!

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PHOTO: Illinois Marriage Equality Kiss

As hundreds of folks gathered on the UIC Forum pavillion to watch Gov. Quinn sign the Illinois Religious Freedom and Marriage Fairness Act, photographer Chris Golden took this awesome pic of me and Marc Felion […]

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Dogs looking for dates online

Marc is helping our dog Jesse look for an online date.

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PHOTOS: Berlin Nightclub Over the Years

On November 10th, 2013 Berlin Nightclub will be celebrating 30 years of alternative late night fun. Here are some awesome pics collected by DJ Greg Haus. Listen to our podcast with Greg.

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PHOTOS: Illinois Marriage Equality Now rally #IL4M

We froze our butts in the cold rain rallying for marriage equality in Illinois, a Democratic run state government! Despite the terrible weather, warm hearts lit up the political rally.

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PHOTOS: Fabulous Jackolanterns

Thought I’d share some fabulous Jack I Lanterns we’ve made so far, or found in our neighborhood. Found any cool ones? Share them in the comments below.

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