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FOF CLIP #2658 – Varla Jean Merman, Beauty & the Beast – 09.010.18

A clip from podcast #2658 – “Varla Jean Merman, Beauty & the Beast” with Varla Jean Merman joining us to talk about how folks react to her rocking bod and how she alters her drag to make room for bodybuilding.

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CLIP – #825 Lady Miss Kier Loves Podcasts

Lady Miss Kier talks about why she loves podcasts so darn much.

We were told that Lady Miss Kier was only able to stop by for 15 minutes, but instead gave us an incredible hour long show where she talked in-depth about her life, personal struggles and amazing career.

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MINI – Puppies!

From Episode #102– Amanda, Fausto and Marc try to rig an audio podcast feed reader by repeatedly saying the words “Terrorism” and “Puppies.” Thanks to Rick for finding this gem! SUBSCRIBE WITH: iTUNES | RSS […]

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MINI – Hot News

American Idol finalist Jim Verraros (from season one), who has always been out, proud and fabulous drops the gay bomb on Mario Vasquez (from season four) It seems Mario may soon to be officially coming […]

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MINI – Babies, It’s Going to be All Right

Need a little Miss Ronnie pick me up? Listen to our Chi-town diva reassure you with her catchphrase “Babies, it’s going to be all right.” RSS FEED | SUBSCRIBE VIA iTUNES

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