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FOFA #261 – Interview with the Astrologer

Are you controlled by Uranus? What kind of sway does that freaky seventh planet from the sun hold over your sexuality? Maybe your a butch dyke because your Venus and your Moon collide? Just how […]

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FOFA #369 – Sal-E Smackfest

Chicago’s premier nightclub entertainer Sal-E is the man responsible for my blue hair, maintaining it, cutting it and making it look good. Today’s show begins with with Sal-E’s low-budget impersonation of our fabulous Miss Ronnie, […]

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FOFA #360 – Like Normal People

This show is all backwards. We begin with the ending, and end with the beginning. So don’t get confused. A huge argument stars with Amanda Steinstein over which celebrities have played the mentally disabled in […]

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