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FOF #932 – Party Time

What a weekend! Friday the 13th preceded Valentines day this year. For some people, it’s two unlucky days in a row. Why does the universe have to be so cruel? Blogger Michael Lehet, bear movie […]

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FOF #930 – Mexican Golden Girls

Las Mujeres Doradas means The Golden Girls in Spanish and we feel a little bit like a Mexican version of the campy 80s sitcom when hanging out with our good friend comedian Bill Cruz. On […]

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FOF #918 – Kate Clinton Burns Bush

For over 25 years, Kate Clinton has worked as a political commentator and comedian on stage and television, succeeding as an out lesbian. Before Ellen, Before Rosie and even before Lily Tomlin, there was Kate […]

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FOF #917 – The Politics of Failure

The politics of failure is taking center stage. Today we take a look at three fallen leaders and their relationship to the media. President Richard Nixon interviewed by David Frost. The film Frost/Nixon received several […]

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FOF #914 – Inaugural Balls

History was made as Barack Hussein Obama became the 44th President of the United States, sworn to defend the U.S. Constitution which, at one time, defined blacks as three-fifths of a person. As our country’s […]

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FOF #912 – Hot Gay Comic

Just because you’re attractive doesn’t mean you can’t be funny. Writer and comedian Keith Ecker just broke up with his boyfriend six months ago and has worked hard to get in shape and pursue his […]

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FOF #902 – Naked Santa and the Naughty Mrs. Claus

Were you a good little boy, girl or intersexed child this year? If you were, you might be getting a visit from Naked Santa and the naughty Mrs. Claus! On today’s show we have the […]

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FOF #893 – The Cornfields of Iowa

Poor Marc! He got a chocolate advent calendar from Jonas one of our sexy Norwegian listeners and it’s real a torture, since he can only eat one candy a day, or suffer the consequences from […]

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FOF #862 – Welcome to Deven Green

On today’s show we’ve got the very funny Deven Green, YouTube Comedy sensation, known for her videos as “Brenda Dickson – Welcome to my Home” and Betty Bowers, America’s Best Christian. Hailing from the great […]

FOFA #480 – The Unsinkable Paula Poundstone

When every single aspect of your life gets scrutinized by the media and the law, the pressure can sometimes be intense. It is even more so when you are an unconventional woman with mainstream appeal. […]

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