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FOFA #480 – The Unsinkable Paula Poundstone

When every single aspect of your life gets scrutinized by the media and the law, the pressure can sometimes be intense. It is even more so when you are an unconventional woman with mainstream appeal. […]

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FOFA #508 – Lizz with Two Z’s

You may not immediately recognize Lizz’s name, but you probably enjoy the fruits of her labor. Comedian and television producer Lizz Winstead created the news parody program “The Daily Show” on Comedy Central as a […]

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FOF #756 – Chris Crocker Tells on You

Chris Crocker turned to the internet to escape the torment of being chased by gangs of boys at the mall. The internet helped him connect with the greater world around him when he couldn’t create […]

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FOF #747 – Ukulele Dreamer

Ben is banging away on the ukulele on today’s show and I couldn’t be happier! Who doesn’t love the Hawaii’s contribution to the world of music when it’s accompanied by funny lyrics? On today’s show […]

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FOF #746 – B. Scott is Hot

Video blogger B. Scott is all about the love. So much in fact that he puts the word love even before his name on his YouTube channel and blog LoveBScott. As one of the most […]

FOF #731 – Bear it Up

Bobaloo aye! Bobaloo is NOT a Cuban spirit of illness and disease made famous in the song by Desi Arnaz, but rather a comedian and he’s on today’s show. Bobaloo joins us to share his […]

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FOFA #578 – Vigh Pride

What’s the big deal with bisexual people? Are they really interested in both men and women? Do bisexual people really exist or are they just queers who haven’t come to terms with who they really […]

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FOF #648 – Starrbootylicious

Get your booty in high gear people! The most famous drag queen in the world, RuPaul joins us for real on today’s show. Well known for her 1993 chart topping release Supermodel, RuPaul Charles is […]

FOF #644 – Lettuce Entertain You

Get your salad fork ready because New York City’s finest drag queen comedian, Hedda Lettuce is here! The obscene green queen who makes Halloween seem serene joins us on today’s show. Hedda was forged in […]

FOF #618 – Tazer with a “Z”

Yeow! The most electrifying appearance Senator John Kerry ever gave wasn’t during his bid for U.S. President, it was last week at the University of Florida. The somewhat humorous, but nonetheless deeply disturbing videos of […]

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