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FOF #1051 – Big Gay Wedding

Fausto and Marc talk about Jim Verraros and Bill Brennen’s fabulous gay wedding with comedian Bill Cruz. Also is the gay advertising industry pushing young gay men into man-orexia? Also Oprah hosts her talk show on the Michigan Avenue river bridge and David William’s controversial childrens book on a boy who likes to cross-dress.

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FOF #1046 – Deven and Joel’s Excellent Adventure

Deven Green and Joel Bryant share their story of traveling to the Middle East to entertain the troops, being searched at the U.S. embassy and their romantic adventure in Venice.

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FOF #1045 – Cameron Esposito Runs Away with the Circus

Comedian Cameron Esposito, talks about dealing with gay jokes as a professional comedian and touring with an all-womens circus. Also, La Toya Jackson has been working with the L.A. police investigating her brother’s death, earning the nickname “Detective La Toya.”

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FOF #1043 – Goodbye Mr. Clucky

Comedian and writer Keith Ecker weighs in on the heated discussion on bareback sex. Florida is going haywire as they ban Mr. Clucky a favorite rooster from living in the city of Miami and a man tricks a woman into treating him like a baby by pretending to be his own handicapped brother.

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FOFA #920 – Deven Green Stimulates Your Economy

Deven Green takes no prisoners. On today’s show we’ve got the very funny Deven Green, the queen of YouTube talking about how to stimulate the economy and turn garbage into gold. Deven cuts through the […]

FOFA #525 – Becoming a Lesbian Dad

The podcast that calls and calls until it gets it right-Feast of Fools! Getting a hold of celebrities is difficult, especially when you call the wrong number. It’s very nice when the person on the […]

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FOF #1026 – The Farrah Fawcett of Bears

Comedian Ben Lerman loves to play the ukulele. Ben might have accidentally become a bear sex symbol after hawking his show during Bear Week in the resort town of Provincetown, Massachusets.

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FOF #1017 – Sabrina Matthews’ Underwater Adventure

Comedian Sabrina Matthews shares her story of being attacked by a barracuda off the coast of Myanmar, her unusual treatment at a foreign hospital, and how the US government almost left her to languish in Thai prison.

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FOF #1015 – Happy, Happy Homer

Comedian Homer Marrs plays a song from his new show “Smile, You Have Depression.” Have we become addicted to labeling ourselves as clinically depressed? Michael Jackson news and sex as the ultimate remedy.

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FOF #989 – Woman of a Thousand Voices

Madonna, Cher, Britney Spears and Winona Ryder- comedic actress Nadya Ginsburg can do them all flawlessly! In the popular web series “The Worm” directed by Austin Young, Nadya portrays these iconic pop stars having an […]

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