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FOF #284 – Swim or Swallow

Fish tits, the memorable NYC drag queen Aquadesia, also known as best-selling author Josh Killmer-Purcell joins us in the house today for an irreverent debate with PETA activist Mike Brazell about vegetarianism, using animals in […]

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FOF #283 – The Man Who Put the F.U. in Funny

Bruce Vilanch put the F. U. in funny for a lot of folks. And boy does he on todays podcast! Bruce comes on the show today to talk about why he’s coming to Chicago in […]

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FOF #271 – Is This Good For Plants?

We met actor/singer Anthony Wills Jr. at a local karaoke bar singing “Sweet Transvestite” at the top of his lungs, drunk off his ass. Victoria was with me when I saw him and both of […]

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FOF #269 – Levi Kreis Bares His Soul

Levi Kreis is nice. A childhood musical prodigy, his parents were blown away when at the tender young age of six he learned to play “Pomp and Circumstance” after coming home from his kindergarten graduation. […]

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FOF #266 – Tim Miller Gets Naked

Tim Miller makes a living traveling around the country talking about his life as a gay man in a way nobody else can. Usually getting naked in his solo one man performances, Tim weaves a […]

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FOF #261 – Interview with the Astrologer

Are you controlled by Uranus? What kind of sway does that freaky seventh planet from the sun hold over your sexuality? Maybe your a butch dyke because your Venus and your Moon collide? Just how […]

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FOF #259 – Naked Love

One fine day, Debbie Moore and her lover Nina decided to see what would happen if they went for a walk around the block naked arm in arm. What they discovered deeply impacted both of […]

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FOF #249 – The Adult Film Star Mystique

The reason a lot of gay men become porn stars says our good friend Owen Keehnan is because of the notoriety of being labeled as such. It’s certainly not because of the money or the […]

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FOF #248 – Gaye, Blues and Tatoos

If you’ve never heard of silver-haired blues singing bitch Gaye Adegbalola you probably just started listening to this show. Well known for her anthems like “Big Ovaries,” “Bitch with a Bad Attitute” and “Silver Beaver,” […]

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FOF #239 – A Sunny Day

Out of the many hilarious characters that local comedian Richard Knight, Jr. developed, probably the most memorable has been that of “Dick O’Day.” Donning a LOUD yellow suit and double eyeglasses (having two glasses helps […]

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