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FOFA #681 – Project Christian

Christian wins! I was overwhelmed by the emotion of seeing our very own Christian Siriano win Project Runway. Was there any doubt in anyone’s mind? Congratulations Christian- you deserved it and your clothes looked STUNNING. […]

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FOF #717 – A Stunning Woman

Brace yourself, you’re about to get a stunning! Calpernia Addams, the Peabody Prize winning writer, actress and activist, best known on the Feast of Fools for her single “Stunning” joins us today to talk about […]

FOF #714 – I Love My Divas, But I Don’t Have Any Friends

I love my divas, but I don’t have any friends. If you find yourself asking this question, have we got a show for you! Joining us on today’s podcast is Jason McVicker, Director of Mental […]

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FOF #712 – Your Gay Doctor

Gay men are living longer than ever and we need to make sure we continue to keep the healthy bodies we’ve enjoyed in our younger years. After all, life doesn’t end at forty. On today’s […]

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FOF #709 – Growing Old Fabulously

In many cultures the aging process is embraced and revered because as we grow older we gain wisdom, stability and respect. But for many people, especially gay men, the aging process is a deep source […]

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FOF #708 – The True Flavor of Love

It’s amazing what our lovely tranny friend Tracy can do with her voice! On today’s show Tracy Tyler surprises us all by demonstrating how she can go effortlessly from femme to butch. Listen in as […]

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FOF #705 – Eric Himan Resonates

We just think Eric Himan is one of the most handsome, attractive, talented, kind, sweet, handsome musicians we’ve ever had the pleasure to have on our show. Did I mention he’s handsome? Everyone’s favorite folk/soul/rock […]

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FOF #703 – Little Big Gay Podcast

Love is in the air this Valentine’s Day week and we’re celebrating it with some of the cutest, sexiest men you could easily fall head over heels for in a second. On today’s show we’re […]

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FOF #700 – A Friend in Need

What is life like for gay teens in America today? Although we’ve made incredible gains in the past decade in bringing about social gains, political and religious acceptance still drag far behind. Ten years ago […]

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FOF #697 – Super Phat Tuesday

Paczki! Mmm… you may not be able to pronounce it, but you definitively will want to stick some of these big, delicious Polish treats in your mouth. Get your mind out of the gutter. I’m […]

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