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FOF #224 – Leslie Hall, the Glitter Goddess

The keeper of “thy gems” Leslie Hall is without a doubt a HUGE internet phenomenon. Just about a year ago Leslie was one of our first interviews on our podcast, where she had started getting […]

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FOF #221 – Samba Bombshell

Jazz-singing siren Jen Zias grew up in Erie, Pennsylvania with our very own Marc Felion. Upon moving to Chicago she joined a popular band Samba Bamba formed by local comedy personality and cabaret pianist Richard […]

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FOF #211 – Does This Wheelchair Make Me Look Fat?

Teri Garr considered naming her autobiography “Does This Wheelchair Make Me Look Fat?” But instead, she decided on “Speedbumps: Flooring it through Hollywood.” The result is a hilarious and touching book that begins with growing […]

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FOF #205 – D-List Diva

Comedian Kathy Griffin was delighted upon seeing our resident drag queen Victoria Lamarr impresonating her last week when she flew into town to host Malibu Rum’s Holiday Self-Decorating Contest at Duffy’s. Today we talk to […]

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FOF #204 – One Night Stands

Eric Himan grew up in a military home, traveling all over the world as his father got stationed. As an adult, Eric travels the road 85% of the year as a grassroots folk-rock musician, initially […]

FOF #202 – Cirque Du So Gay

We’re baaack!Today drag diva Vaginal Creme Davis (now known as Vaginal Davis, sans the creme) gets interveiwed by our NYC correspondent John Q Sanchez, and on it she admits she doesnt know what an iPod […]

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FOF #199 – Return of the Queen of Camp, part 2

Charles Busch returns for part two of his interview with Fausto Fernós and David Cerda. Did you know they only spent $35 to put on “Vampire Lesbians of Sodom?” Nowdays Chalres works with a much […]

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FOF #198 – The Queen of Camp, part 1

Charles Busch’s first play, “Vampire Lesbians of Sodom,” was written in-between coffee breaks while working as a temp in Manhattan. He and his friends just HAD to put on the show. They loved what they […]

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FOF #196 – The Quest for Fame

Ezra Austin walks around the streets of Boystown with a cheap microphone and video camera asking the unwilling a single question: “Who is the most famous gay man in Chicago?” This guy pounds the pavement […]

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FOF #190 – Broadway Babies

Every year our local GLTBQ Health Center, Howard Brown throws a gala dinner to raise funds at the luxrious Hilton Hotel in downtown Chicago. Of course, Victoria Lamarr and I got to crash the party […]

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