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FOF #1549 – The Not So Secret Sex Life of Rick Perry

Everyone in Austin has a crazy sex story about Gov. Rick Perry, but are any of the rumors true, or is this just a way people handle a corrupt sleazy leader?

Talk show host Stephen Rice, who anchors OutCast Austin, the local community LGBT radio program, joins us about Austin’s diverse LGBT community and Stephen shares his thoughts on the stories, truths and myths on Texas’s notorious governor Rick Perry.

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FOF #1541 – Michelle Visage Serves Up Realness

One of the most fabulous judges on any reality TV show right now is Michelle Visage, RuPaul’s longtime gal pal who gives the queens on RuPaul’s Drag Race some hard but good advice.

Today Michelle shares her amazing life stories with us about hanging with RuPaul as a teenager in New York and dating Rob Pilatus of Milli Vanilli at the height of their fame, before the lip syncing scandal broke out.

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FOF #1102 – A Gay Bar Opens in China

On World AIDS Day, activists gave President Obama’s a D+, due to the US Government’s AIDS funding not keeping up the global rates of infection.

How is China is dealing with AIDS crisis? By opening a fabulous gay bar to reach out to gay men!

Our talk radio gal pal Summer Nettles joins us to take these news including Grady Sizemore steamy iPhone pics and Marilyn Monroe’s pot smoking video found 50 years later.

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FOF #1096 – Summer Nettles, Had Me a Blast

We met Summer Nettles at a haunted house this past Halloween and fell in love. Summer works as a talk radio personality and producer on Chicago’s 1035 Kiss FM.

She’s on today’s show talking about how she handles all the celebrity guests that come to her station and how she wooed the fabulous Wendy Williams to come in and tape an interview.

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FOF #719 – In the Pink Radio

As audiences for podcasts grow larger and the technology to access the internet becomes more accessible how will traditional media adapt? Radio has always been a lifeline for people in peril. During the disaster of […]

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