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FOF #1374 – Miss Lola Rose is Right About Everything

Today we’re talking to video blogging sensation Miss Lola Rose. When her two kids came out as gay, she panicked and asked them to remain in the closet.

Since then, Lola fully supports her kids and is a proud advocate for Equality. So much in fact, her most popular video “Mom on Her Two Gay Kids” was yanked off of YouTube when haters flagged it enough times to set off their automated system.

FOFA #1291 – The New Adventures of Chris Tina Foxx Bruce

Transgendered people and bodybuilders share a lot in common- they work very hard for the body they want to have.

Chris Tina Foxx Bruce has transitioned twice- from fit to fabulous! First, she became a 230 lb male bodybuilder and now she’s a 180 lb female fitness guru, 6’4″ in heels!

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FOF #1249 – Chris Crocker Wants the Best of Both Worlds

Chris Crocker proves he’s got what it takes to make it big, not just on YouTube, but as a musician too. Will he choose a music over being a video blogger, or will he have the best of both worlds?

Join us as Chris talks about the changing face of YouTube, clearing up all the rumors and gossip, and why he changed his look and is no longer a blond.

FOF #1215 – Viva La Coacha

In the past year La Coacha has exploded in popularity with her hilarious music parody videos and red carpet interviews. She wields her Spanglish sense of humor like the tip of Zorro’s gay blade.

Listen as we talk with the lovable La Coacha about her wild adventures in Hollywood, her thoughts on Lady Gaga, being banned by Oprah and if she will star in the Real Latina Housewives.

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FOF #1199 – Jonnie Jenkins’ Crazy Gay Voice

Remember Paul Lynde’s snarky laugh, or Richard Hunt’s meeps as Beaker on the Muppet Show? The memorable affectations delivered by these wonderful gay men amused audiences for years.

Even now, actors, podcasters and video bloggers continue this great tradition, but as openly gay men. Today video blogger Jonnie Jenkins (known on YouTube as the Phat Gay Kid) joins us to talk about his endearing voice.

FOF #1197 – You’ve Come a Long Way Michael Buckley

Today we celebrate YouTube’s 5 year anniversary with one of the site’s most successful creators, Michael Buckley. His entertainment news video blog, “What the Buck,” is one of the top shows of all time, with over 200 million views since he started in 2006, and he’s really funny too!

Join us as Michael reflects on his journey and serves up sass on Lady Gaga, Kevin Jonas, Jason Mraz and Tom Cruise.

FOF #1186 – We’ve Got the Duke

Being born into a famous family is never easy, so it’s refreshing to hear that James Duke Mason, the son of 80s pop star Belinda Carlisle of The Go-Go’s, and grandson of Hollywood actor James Mason is not only well adjusted, he’s fabulously gay.

Today Duke talks with us over the Internet from his home in the south of France about his film debut in “You Can’t Have it All” and his mom’s new autobiography “Lips Unsealed” where she admits it was cool in the 80s to kiss girls.

FOF #1178 – Queen Joan Sings to the Animals

All Hail Queen Joan, the boogie woogie queen from the Bayou! We are thrilled to have discovered musician Joan Atwell’s YouTube channel, Ivory Tickler Mama, where she plays love songs on her accordion to all the animals on her farm.

Listen as Joan wows us with her accordion and talks about her life as a video blogger, eating beaver and singing telegrams as Elva, Elvis’ kissing cousin.

Roseanne Barr Interviews Cher and Chaz

One of my favorite web series is the “Cher and Chaz show” a comedy collaboration between Jackie Beat, Nadya Ginsburg, Selene Luna and the fabulous Roseanne Barr. As usual, they’re all brilliant. You might remember […]

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FOF #1081 – Double Date with Luna and Ginsburg

Interview with Nadya Ginsburg, the woman of a 1000 voices and Selene Luna, the little burlesque star and rock & roll queen! They just wrapped up their hilarious comedy show “Luna and Ginsburg” at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theater.

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