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FOF #539 – Human Dogs

You’ve heard some people say “all men are dogs.” Well these guys take it to the limit! On today’s show we’re talking to our die-hard power listener Pup Don, who happens to be into Pup-Play– […]

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FOF #538 – Photoshop Fitness

Flying down to Texas at the last minute to be with my sick mom in the hospital, I always enjoy the sexy diversion of a men’s athletic themed magazine on the plane. When I saw […]

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FOFA #369 – Sal-E Smackfest

Chicago’s premier nightclub entertainer Sal-E is the man responsible for my blue hair, maintaining it, cutting it and making it look good. Today’s show begins with with Sal-E’s low-budget impersonation of our fabulous Miss Ronnie, […]

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FOFA #360 – Like Normal People

This show is all backwards. We begin with the ending, and end with the beginning. So don’t get confused. A huge argument stars with Amanda Steinstein over which celebrities have played the mentally disabled in […]

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FOFA #428 – Certifiably Santeria Priestess

A haunting, lingering feel from the free flu-shots we had last week is leaving Marc and me off-center. Help! Call on Miss Ronnie to the rescue. What better way to expel the bad spirits that […]

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FOF #537 – Tickled Pink

Will and Grace are in the house tonight! Well, not really but close enough- today we are joined by of Allison Ford and Jim Bresnahan who are the co-chairs of the Tickled Pink 2007. The […]

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FOF #536 – Ding Dong

It’s never a happy day when somebody dies, no matter how much pain they caused in this world. Even so, it’s hard to resist the urge to celebrate knowing that TV evangelist Jerry Falwell has […]

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FOF #535 – How to Get Some

The desire for sex drives technology forward. Photography, film, video, Quicktime movies, online commerce and most internet technologies owe their very existence to the immediate human need for sexual stimulation. The need for faster, quicker, […]

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FOF #534 – Stalking Chris Garneau

Chris Garneau is so adorable. He is even cuter in person than he looks in his press photographs. He has beautiful eyes and a great big smile. Last Saturday Jim Verraros, his boyfriend Bill Brennan, […]

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FOF #533 – Pie in the Sky

Take a good look at Sky Dailey’s face, because it’s about to change. By time time you read this, Sky will have gone through the first series of operations to appear on the outside the […]

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