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FOF #516 – Day of Silence

The podcast that serves up lean cuts of hilariousness- the Gay Fun Show known as Feast of Fools! Amanda and Marc have taken a day-long vow of silence to show their solidarity for queer teenagers […]

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FOF #515 – Miss Ronnie’s Defibrillator

Miss Ronnie is coming out with her own brand of medical products! Yaay! Whoopee! For many of her fans the mere thought of getting their hands on any Feast of Fools merchandise might be too […]

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FOF #514 – No Ice Cream for You

Please don’t offer Sal-E any ice-cream. He doesn’t want any. You see, last weekend Sal-E helped his full-figured gal-pal Mercedes with her gowns, hair and makeup to look fabulous for the Miss Continental PLUS pageant […]

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FOF #513 – Release the Green Inside

A common theme of my lovely niece Victoria’s visit to Chicago was the ubiquitous message of “young women empowerment” in the two musicals we saw this weekend: “Wicked- the musical” and “The American Girls Revue.” […]

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FOF #512 – Ratting Out Your Friends

Real friends tell you when you are wrong. What do you do when you catch your best friend making out with a boy at a pool party and know full well she shouldn’t be doing […]

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FOF #511 – Mister Rutgers Neighborhood

If you can’t beat your thymus, then beat Don Imus. The wealthy morning radio talk show host has been suspended for two weeks for calling the Rutgers University female basketball players “happy-headed hos.” There are […]

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FOF #510 – Attack of the Gay Book Club

Some books are banned from our nations schools and libraries just because they are stories about gay people, period. What many gay teens resort to is smuggling the books into their schools and starting a […]

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FOF #509 – Gay Voodoo Wango Tango Dance

Pickles surprise! What’s the surprise? That there isn’t a suprise. The suprise is seeing a young Lady Bunny, RuPaul and Latoma Van Sant and Sister Dimension frolicking around in a radioactive green background talking about […]

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FOF #508 – Lizz with Two Z’s

You may not immediately recognize Lizz’s name, but you probably enjoy the fruits of her labor. Comedian and television producer Lizz Winstead created the news parody program “The Daily Show” on Comedy Central as a […]

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FOF #507 – Out Magazine

Get on your knees! New York City based OUT Magazine has just released it’s “Power 50” a list of what they claim to be the “Most Powerful Gay Men and Women in America.” We respectuflly […]

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