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Pedro’s Cake Video!

We think Pedro from California is awesome for making this video. We’re all screaming for joy here upon seeing our very first Feast of Fools cake sitting video. It has all the great elements of […]

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KIR #6 – Deerly Beloved

Who can take a nothing day and suddenly make it all worthwhile? Miss Ronnie and her happy band of friends share stories of running into deers on the road. Click here to subscribe using YouTube. […]

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Tribute Video from Rachel Ribcage

Here’s a tribute to the Feast of Fools from Rachel, a Michigan girl that’s living in Australia. It feels like we have our very own lonelygirl15 only prettier, smarter and not so scared of cults. […]

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Iris Chacon on Merv Griffith Show

Sizzly! And check out Iris doing Laura Branigan’s “Gloria” on David Letterman’s groundbreaking NBC show (he even booked John Waters and Divine!). And see Iris’s infamous coolant commercial here.

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The Passion of Benny Hill

Here’s a little youtube version of Mel Gibson’s “The Passion of the Christ” that uses the Benny Hill theme song. Happy Easter everyone!

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FOF #275 – Music Spotlight

Homeys, grab your iPods and lets get kickin’! Today’s show features some of the most fabulous queer music you wont hear anywhere else, on the radio or any other podcast. How DO these gems get […]

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FOF #262 – The Eroticism of Fascism

The rapturous beauty in the tragic story of two young men in a Nazi training academy took our breath away last night! We’re talking about the Denis Gansel film “Napola” (Before the Fall) which takes […]

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FOF #248 – Gaye, Blues and Tatoos

If you’ve never heard of silver-haired blues singing bitch Gaye Adegbalola you probably just started listening to this show. Well known for her anthems like “Big Ovaries,” “Bitch with a Bad Attitute” and “Silver Beaver,” […]

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