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FOF #2632 – The Cher Show is a Fun Pop Culture Ride

In the 70s, Cher launched her own musical variety show, the Cher Show. Decades later, The Cher Show is back as a new musical that looks at the pop diva’s amazing career.

Today, Cher enthusiast, Damon L Jacobs joins us to take a look at The Cher Show that’s playing in Chicago before hitting Broadway this fall.

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FOF #2543 – Zombie Bathhouse A Go-Go

Zombies are usually portrayed as mindless creatures who crave human flesh to survive, but in the new musical, Zombie Bathhouse, the undead still crave human flesh, they just don’t necessarily want to swallow.

Today, the creators of Zombie Bathhouse, Brian Kirst and Scott Free, join us to talk about how to survive a zombie outbreak at a bathhouse with a little song and dance.

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Perfidia’s Wig Room, Backstage at Hedwig on Broadway!

I put on some makeup… ever wonder what a professional wig room is like? Check out Steven Perfidia Kirkham’s wig room backstage at HEDWIG on Broadway!

Incredibly Fierce Photos of Alaska, Michelle Visage and Willam Belli in Rocky Horror Show

Before it was the campy iconic film, the Rocky Horror Picture Show was a stage show, simply known as the Rocky Horror Show. Right now in San Antonio, Texas, Woodlawn Theatre is putting on a […]

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“On a Clear Day You Can See Forever” Goes Gay

The New York Times covers the changes made to the new mounting of the Broadway musical “On a Clear Day You can See Forever” which includes a gay twist. In the original work, Daisy, a […]

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FOF #1453 – The Zombie Musical

Annie get your gun, and shoot the zombies in the head! Join us as we talk with the creators of “Musical of the Living Dead,” Marc Lewallen and Brad Younts, about the appeal of zombie films, zombies as a reflection of our times and a sugar-free recipe for stage blood that won’t send you to the hospital, cause that would be really confusing.

VIDEO: HELLO- Harry Potter/Book of Mormon Parody

A parody of the musical The Book of Mormon starring Harry Potter impersonators!  This made me laugh out loud!

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FOF #1397 – The Misunderstood Judy Garland

Judy, Judy, Judy! Today Peter Mac, one of the best known Judy Garland tribute artists in the country joins us to take a closer look at Judy Garland as a misunderstood artist, portrayed by the media as messy and tragic, when in fact she was a triumphant woman who used humor as way to cope with life’s enormous challenges.

VIDEO: Gay History Lives in the Thrillpeddler’s New Show “Vice Palace”

It’s video trailers like this that make me wish I lived in San Francisco. Check out this trailer for the Thrillpeddlers theater company’s new play – Vice Palace, a modern update of the Cockette’s notorious […]

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Book of Mormon Musical First Listen on NPR

I saw this show on opening night and it’s a-fuckin-mazing. I’ve been a South Park fan since 1996 so I knew I would love this show anyways, but it still blew me away. You can […]

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