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FOF #1977 – Guzzling from the Fountain of Youth

Like Meryl Streep and Goldie Hawn in the movie Death Becomes Her, some of us will go to any extreme to look younger. We poison our faces with botox and slice them with imperfect plastic surgery that not only looks weird, but costs a fortune.

Join us for a look at some quick and easy ways to shave years off your face and mind by waterboarding you with the Fountain of Youth.

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FOF #1941 – From Meth to Yoga

When it comes to getting in shape, a lot of people don’t realize that it’s more than just about looking good, it can profoundly change your life.

Today we’re joined by yoga instructor JohnMark Robbins who grew up in ultra-conservative Texas, moved to Hollywood to be a stuntman, became addicted to meth, and then turned to yoga to stay sober. This is his remarkable story.

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FOF #1909 – A Pill That Prevents HIV

It’s been known for the past couple of years, that sexually active people can dramatically reduce their chances of becoming HIV positive if they take the AIDS medication Truvada, as a Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis, or PrEP.

Today, psychologist and health care activist Damon L Jacobs joins us to talk about PrEP, why he started taking the medication and why HIV/AIDS is much more than an infectious disease.

FOF #1802 – A Camping We Will Go

Many people who have never gone camping think it’s romantic– like a Brokeback mountain adventure where nature allows us to blossom. But in reality nature want’s to kill us all.

Today Boy Scout comedian Chris Doucette joins us to tell stories of going camping with a horde of lesbians, his real life Brokeback mountain experience and fighting with pirates in the mountains of Tennessee.

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FOF #1781 – Rejuvenation Tricks for the Lazy

The old gray mare aint what she used to be, but it doesn’t mean she still can’t look fabulous. Age is just a little number you sometimes have to lie about.

Today we’re sharing some of our favorite rejuvenation tips and tricks, easy things you can do right now to undo all the damage from whooping it up all these years.

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FOF #1742 – Sex is Really Good for You

Valentine’s day is annoying. It’s just a fake holiday made up by greeting card companies to get you to spend money you don’t have on shit nobody wants.

It turns out, despite the risks of broken hearts, STDs and unwanted pregnancy, having sex alone, with a partner or even a group, is actually good for you.

Today, we are chatting with the very funny comedian Jessica Halem about why being a whore is actually a healthy thing, and we’ve got science to back it up.

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FOF #1741 – Extreme Beauty Secrets

What if there was a pill that you could take that could actually make you look better? Seems like something out of science fiction, but guess what? It’s true. There’s an anti-oxidant that studies have shown has a dramatic effect on the way you look.

Today we’re taking a look at extreme beauty secrets that for some reason everyone still believes in and some ideas that actually work.

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FOF #1700 – Man Whoring It Up

A new study shows that many guys are not whoring it up in the least bit. What!? Come on guys, your balls aren’t going to empty themselves.

Today man-whore Brian Sweeney joins us to examine some of the studies that say men aren’t as promiscuous as society thinks they are, and while we may be a bit disappointed, it could be a good thing.

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FOF #1698 – Magical Mystery Cock

A man’s penis is a remarkable organ, it’s always in motion, expanding and contracting.

Comedian Meredith Kachel- who is responsible for many men’s erections joins us to take a look at the mighty wang and explore a ridiculously long list of sexy things to do in between orgasms.

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FOF #1696 – Peaches Christ, You Smell Terrific!

Of all our senses, smell may well be the most emotionally powerful.

The sweet scented Peaches Christ joins us to talk about smell, and why so many drag queens are so stinky! What causes us to smell so bad, and how to freshen up your costumes, wigs, and your very own body to smell your very best.

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