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Self Doubt is a Form of Selfishness

“When u self-deprecate, self-doubt, hide your gifts or otherwise undermine your potential, you’re not cheating yourself, you’re cheating us.” — Laura Fitton Marc and I heard blogger Laura Fitton speak at this year’s Blogworld Expo, […]

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Special Edition FOF: Risky Business?

Live podcast forum on Barebacking, risk, pleasure and the influence of porn. Taped at the Center on Halsted in Chicago, August 17, 2009.

It Doesn’t Have to Taste Like Medicine to Be Good for You

If you are registered for the LGBTI Health Summit 2009 come join us for a panel discussion with the members of Project Crysp. Here’s the description: Sunday, August 16, 2009 1:00 – 2:30 PM — […]

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FOF #1037 – Whose Death Panel is it Anyway?

AIDS activist Jim Pickett sheds light to Republican tactics of stalling health care reform.

FOF #1011 – People Are Not for Hitting

Health care advocate Cat Jefcoat talks about the upcoming LGBTI Health Summit and the violence behind the very public fight between blogger Perez Hilton and musician Will.I.Am.

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FOF #983 – Jack of All Trades

On the fourth season of the reality tv show Project Runway- mens designer Jack Mackenroth abruptly withdrew from the show due to a serious staph infection completely unrelated to his HIV status. A real life […]

FOF #965 – Microagressions, Macroconsequences

Microagressions. Do you know what I’m talking about? Those subtle jabs that chip away at our sense of self worth. On today’s show- Dr. Brian Mustanski, assistant professor for the Department of Psychiatry at the […]

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FOF #959 – How Are You Fabulous?

How are you healthy? How are you fabulous? Gay men’s health blogger and advocate Jim Pickett is on today’s show. Jim’s reaching out to the fellas everywhere to write about ways they stay healthy. For […]