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FOF #2008 – Red White and Peaches Christ

Something truly awful is happening to Pride Parades across the country. After years of being a rallying point for LGBT folks, the parades now attract an overwhelming number of people who are interested in having a good time and could care less about equality or community building.

Today, Peaches Christ joins us to talk about what we can do to make Pride Parades meaningful again.

FOF #1992 – Everybody Say Love

As if we hadn’t heard already every angle to the heated debate over language, slang and slur words, over Memorial Day weekend the Internet was ablaze again, with many transgender writers and drag queens fighting over RuPaul’s recent tweets. It’s enough to drive a girl mad!

Is it possible to have a peace treaty in the war of the words?

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FOF #1972 – Sympathy for the Devil

Hollywood banks on people’s prejudices in order to make the bad guys seem even more threatening. In reality, gay men are just like everyone else, we have our heroes and our villains too. Sadly, we spend too much time hating and not celebrating our own, even when they are not guilty of the crime.

Today Peaches Christ joins us as Judge Judy and executioner to take a look at the vilification of gay men. Are these bad guys deserving of the hate they get?

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PHOTO: Woman climbs shirtless on top of altar at Germany’s largest cathedral on Christmas morning.

Atta girl. Fun fact: The altar had to be reblessed by the bishop after her protest. —source

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Utah’s First Gay Married Couple

Congratulations to longtime listener of the podcast and friend, J Seth Anderson and his husband Michael Adam Ferguson, for being the first gay couple to be legally married in the state of Utah today. Upon […]

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Watch Rob Ford, the Hilarious Crack-Smoking Toronto Mayor Rob Ford Knock a Woman Down at a City Council Meeting

Is this even real? Watching Rob Ford’s insane antics makes me think I’m watching Saturday Night Life reruns. RIP Chris Farley. From NBC News: Crack-smoking homophobe Toronto Mayor Rob Ford was stripped of most of […]

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VIDEO: Stephen Leonard Sings at the Marriage Equality Rally

Your browser does not support the video tag Check out our live music session with Stephen Leonard.

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PHOTOS: Illinois Marriage Equality Now rally #IL4M

We froze our butts in the cold rain rallying for marriage equality in Illinois, a Democratic run state government! Despite the terrible weather, warm hearts lit up the political rally.

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FOF #1806 – It’s OK to Yell at Michelle

Oh no she didn’t! First Lady Michelle Obama got pissed when angry lesbian activist Ellen Sturtz from the group GetEqual heckled her at a fundraiser held in a private home. Michelle got up in the woman’s face, saying it was either her way or the highway. The activist was escorted out and the party went on.

Today we’re taking a look at why gay folks are upset that one of their own heckled the First Lady.

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FOF #1766 – A Slice of Equality

No matter how the Supreme Court rules, everyone is declaring Marriage Equality the winner. Even Time Magazine is getting on the love train by showing real same sex couples smooching on their cover.

Today the reliably hilarious Brian Sweeney joins us to take a look at the whole Supreme Court Marriage Equality Hearings.

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