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’Super-Earths’ Discovered Nearby

The planets are much bigger than Earth but at least they aren’t Ice or Gas Giants.  Scientists think we are only a few years off froom discovering planets that are more like Earth.

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Vegan Condoms

The article says “All condoms on the market are made with latex; however, most also include casein, a dairy byproduct” – but there are condoms out there that are made from polyurethane for those that […]

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Dragon Age: Origins has Hidden Gay Sex

Queerty has unearthed a hidden gay sex scene in the video game Dragon Age: Origins. Check it out or yourself, it is most definitely NSFW, in fact you may need a few minutes to yourself […]

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Meteor Lights Up Utah

Thanks to the now ever present security camera there’s extensive footage of a meteor that streaked across the sky recently. It showed up on video from Mona to Ogden….giggle…I said “Mona” Check it out:

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Dad Only Speaks Klingon to Child

A Minnesota man decided to see if he could teach his child Klingon, so for the first three years that’s all he spoke. d’Armond Speers (no relation to Britney) has a doctorate in computational linguistics […]

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There Be Water on the Moon Captain!

NASA’s experiment to find water on the moon has turned out to be a “smashing” success! Sorry I couldn’t help myself. The space agency aimed a rocket to the moon’s south pole, hoping to pick […]

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Pesky Baguette Shuts Down CERN’s LHC

It looks like CERN’s Large Hadron Collider has once again suffered another setback. The culprit? A piece of bread. Officials believe that a speck of bread (originally part of a baguette deposited by a bird […]

FOF #985 – Welcome to Planet Larry La Fountain

Some queer Puerto Ricans feel as if they’re from another planet- strangers in a strange land no matter where they go. Negotiating between cultures gives us fresh eyes with which to seek out the infinite […]