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FOF #2787 – Scott Herman is Still Going Strong

For folks who grew up with the internet, Scott Hermnan’s workout videos inspired a whole generation of people to lift weights and be their best. Scott’s no-nonsense approach to working out has made him one of the top fitness video bloggers of all time.

Today fitness icon Scott Herman joins us to talk about his decade making workout videos and being an LGBTQ ally.

FOF #2786 – Diary of a Muscle God

Bodybuilder Thomas Terry is well known for his Instagram account Game of Swolls, which he started to show off his biceps and to make new friends. But it came as a shock last week when Thomas announced that he was undergoing chemotherapy– prompting him to say “Everyone loves you when you’re dying.”

Today bodybuilder Thomas Terry joins us to talk about his side hustle as a muscle god in erotic muscle worship videos and overcoming Autoimmune Hemolytic Anemia which requires weekly chemotherapy treatments.

FOF #1955 – The Man Who Created Scruff

If you’re gay and have a beard, chances are it’s because of a man named Johnny Scruff. One of the most popular gay hookup apps, SCRUFF began as a way for hairy guys to get together, but it’s growing into something much bigger.

Today we chat with Johnny Skandros better known as Johnny Scruff, about how he started Scruff from his mom’s living room with his buddy Eric Silverberg and the challenges the start-up faces in being one of the top social networking apps.

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Asexual Artist Cooks and Serves Own Genitals at Public Banquet

An artist in Tokyo cooked and served his own surgically removed genitals to a group of paying customers while a crowd watched on. It all started with a simple tweet: ““Please retweet. I am offering […]

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VIDEO: Like Mah Status

We’ve got an interview coming tomorrow with Miles Jai who hit YouTube celebrity status with his rant “Like Mah Status” about people who beg for you to “like my status.”

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Tired of Getting Facebook Messaged About Events?

Tired of getting messages from the same people on Facebook about events you haven’t RSVPed to? Here’s how to put a stop to it and block them from doing it in the future. I’m using […]

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GOP Congressman Trolling Women Seeking Men on Craiglist

GOP Congressman Christopher Lee has resigned after a shirtless photo of him and emails between he sent to a woman he met on Craigslist surfaced today. His wife had no idea. Let’s hear it for […]

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VIDEO: Two Rednecks, One Guitar, and Lady Gaga

It’s as if the movie Ghost was made with two rednecks, and instead of a pottery wheel, they had a guitar.

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VIDEO: Human Centipede Anonymous

Human Centipede Anonymous from Jon Daly Today, as we are all parading the streets tricking and/or treating, remember there is help out there for those of you grappling with your past….

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VIDEO: New Twitter

Looks like twitter is getting a make over. HuffPo has “11 Things You NEED To Know About the New Twitter“

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