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Sex, Fetishes, and Social Networking. OH MY!

International Mr Leather or IML is fast approaching!  In less than two weeks, thousands of leather and kink enthusiasts will descend upon Chicago for a fun weekend-long event with plenty of networking opportunities.  Are you […]

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Get Your Favorite Diva to Host SNL

Because it was such a huge success and gave us such great television, this week dozens of Facebook groups have popped up asking the producers of Saturday Night Live to pick their favorite diva to […]

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George Rekers Luggage Carriers, Inc

It was bound to happen- a Facebook page to mock anti-gay bigot George Rekers and his Rentboy vacation tryst- George Rekers Luggage Carriers, Inc. They are looking for hired hands, and say that “We’ll be […]

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Follow Jesus and Follow His Death on Twitter

If you were feeling the holy spirit today, check out Jesus’ Twitter feed, where you can follow him until his possible death yesterday. Will virtual Jesus on Twitter be reborn?

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