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US Postal Service Almost Kills Santa Program

If you write a letter to Santa this year, don’t expect one back with a North Pole cancellation stamp. The USPS has added stricter guidelines to it’s “Letters to Santa” program after a registered sex-offender […]

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This Dog is Better at Video Games Than You Are

Don’t be a hater!

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Microsoft’s Lame Attempt at Making a Viral Video Captures Shoplifter Stealing

This is how not to build buzz for your company. But did a video of Microsoft store employee’s impromptu awkward dance in the middle of their new stores accidentally captured someone shoplifting. Hilarious! Check her […]

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Pesky Baguette Shuts Down CERN’s LHC

It looks like CERN’s Large Hadron Collider has once again suffered another setback. The culprit? A piece of bread. Officials believe that a speck of bread (originally part of a baguette deposited by a bird […]

Don’t Get Rickrolled By Your iPhone

A new iPhone virus has broken out in Australia, Rickrolling jailbroken iPhones. Be careful in case the virus cross the ocean and lands in your own backyard! The worm changes your lovely existing wallpaper to […]

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FOF #1052 – Nine, Nine, Oh! Nine

Sept. 9, 2009 or 9/9/09 is a day feared by numerologists as the end of the world, a perfect day to release the Beatles re-mastered song catalog and for Apple to release new iPods and iTunes software. Obama’s big speech on healthcare and California Republican Assesmblyman Michael Duvall gets caught bragging about having sex with female lobbyists over a microphone he thought was turned off.

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FOF #822 – Twitter Suicide

Nick Starr feels more comfortable text messaging than he does placing a phone call. Watching him work his iPhone, I see that his text message function gets used a whole lot. As an internet junkie […]

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Oh lord won’t you buy me a purty iPhone?

Pictured here to the right is a photo of me with the new iPhone with me on the web browser. Pretty neat huh? Last Friday power-fan Maciek and I trekked down to the Apple Store […]

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